The Importance of Pom Poms

I’m not sure that Pom Pom’s really are all that important. But they are whimsical and slightly irresistible. Personally, I treasure the bits of whimsy in my life given the stress of real world work and family commitments. Pom Poms seem to be having a Moment in the the home decor and DIY community too. Which is just fine with me. During a last minute run to the mall during the holidays, my daughter and I saw the throw pillow on the right and we did the classic . . .’oh I could make that. . . ‘ that all crafter’s are prone to do. Of course, by the time we bought the yarn, the pillow, and the professional Pom Pom making tool, we probably could have just bought the pillow in the mall. But the result is the picture on the left. And an opportunity to share how easy and fun and soul-satisfying making Pom Pom’s is.

We found our supplies at Michaels and the Pom Pom making tool is manufactured by Clover . . . it takes about 2-3 minutes to make a Pom Pom and little to no concentration. You unfold the ‘wings’ on the tool, wind yarn around each side in turn, and then cut the yarn along the split between the ‘wings’ of the tool. Using a piece of the same yarn, run that piece around the split between the two halves of the tool, tie as tight a knot as possible and then open up both wings and pry the tool apart to extract a finished poof ball. Very satisfying. I made about 25 of the Pom Poms in two sizes. The hardest part, honestly, was figuring out how to attach the Pom Pom’s to the pillow. I tried gluing them on, but they didn’t stick very well and I wasn’t happy with the hard spots left by the glue. Ultimately, I sewed the Pom Pom’s on — it’s easier to sew them on if you start from the center and add on towards the outer edge.

The Pom Pom pillow is now tucked onto the guest room bed — adding a little extra cozy for when the kids come home to visit.

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