Origami Crane Art

“Follow the Leader?” — my most recent 1000 Crane origami project, completed in 2021

A gift for my daughter — vintage family lace and embroidery, a crystallized book vase, and 3 X 18 origami cranes from brown paper lunch sacks.

Snoopy and 100 Cranes — Completed 12/20; A 1960’s vintage cartoon portraying a WWI combat pilot surrounded by WWII era images of peace (sold 12/21)

Triptych of 1000 Cranes — (l to r) ‘Cranes Rising’, ‘Cranes in Flight’, ‘Cranes Settling’; completed Nov 2020 (330 cranes per canvas)

A gift for a friend — a yin yang pattern book fold with 18 (the Jewish number Chai or life) cranes for blessings

“A Mother’s Prayers” — the first canvas of 1000 origami cranes, started 1/19 and completed 12/19. The cranes are folded from the paper backing of feminine sanitary pads.

“1449 Blessings” – a 36” X 48” canvas with an open heart filled with 1449 butterflies. Completed July 2022 as a gift for a friend.